Privacy Policy

Under the provisions of Art. 13 of the European Regulation 2016/679 and pursuant to Art. 13 of Legislative Decree 196/03, the following is the complete information regarding the processing of personal data carried out by Sales Line Srl within the scope of its activity.


The data controller is Sales Line srl soc. Unipersonale, registered and operational office Via Sansovino, 30 Milan, tel 02 97373313 email

The person responsible for the Protection of Personal Data is Ing. Valeria Carozzi, who can be reached at the email:


Below are the main types of data collected and managed by Sales Line Srl and the purposes related to them:

  1. Data of the client company’s contact person: as part of the activity envisaged by the contract, the owner needs to collect the contact data of the client company’s contact person to ensure maximum efficiency in the provision of the service. This data is entered within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales management system and is used for numerous purposes, all related to the contractual obligations and services proposed therein. Should the data subject wish to restrict the processing, or request its modification or deletion, they may at any time contact their usual contact person at Sales Line, who will take appropriate measures to handle the request. Contact information will be kept for the entire duration of the existing contract and will be retained for any subsequent communications related to the services provided unless the data subject explicitly requests its deletion.
  2. Images, photos, and Videos that can be traced back to the client company’s contact person: as part of its activity, Sales Line is very active in preparing material to promote and consolidate its image on all its communication channels. In this regard, it requires its clients to provide appropriate references through comments, images, and interviews, and each time material is collected, the appropriate release to its use and publication is also submitted. Authorization to use and publish such material is entirely voluntary and in no way compromises the quality of the service provided by the Owner. There is no provision for the deletion of such material unless the interested party expressly requests it, knowing that in that case, the published material will be promptly removed, but any copies or reproductions made by third parties are not under the Owner’s control.
  3. Candidate Data: Sales Line is active in the field of recruitment and headhunting and, in these areas, collects and stores personal data, CVs, and contact information related to candidates, which are made available directly by the interested party and whose provision is necessary for the proper conduct of the selection. In addition, the candidate may express their preferences regarding job proposals of interest to them, and as part of the relationship with the Sales Line, the Data Controller acquires additional information to complete the candidate’s profile. This data is used exclusively within the scope of the selection activity, and failure to provide it would make it impossible to complete the activity. Information about the successful candidates will be shared with the companies that have appointed Sales Line to the search project and possibly with duly appointed consultants who support the Owner in its activity. The data thus collected will be kept for a maximum duration of 12 months, at the end of which the data subject will be asked to renew the consent to their storage or proceed to their deletion, which can be done at any time in complete autonomy by the data subject. Please note that if the resume contains sensitive data, Sales Line srl will immediately delete it and request the candidate himself to send a new resume without the sensitive data.
  4. Video self-recorded by candidates or recorded during the interview: as part of the candidate selection process, the candidate may be asked to record a video that will become part of the application evaluation material and be shared with the client company that has assigned the Sales Line the recruiting process. Making such a video is optional, and failure to do so will not preclude the proper execution of the selection process. The submission of the video by the interested party implies at the same time the consent of the same to its use and sharing, as per the notice herein. The material thus collected will be retained for the duration of 12 months and subsequently deleted from the Owner’s archives unless the interested party requests its deletion first.
  5. Contact data related to potential customers: Sales Line, as part of its lead generation activity, acquires the contact data of all those who voluntarily join the initiatives proposed by Sales Line. This information is managed through the company’s CRM and is used to ensure that the person concerned is constantly updated on the most interesting topics in the Recruiting and Headhunting sector. The data are processed based on the explicit consent given by the data subject, who can revoke it at any time with the appropriate function at the bottom of the communications. Contact data will be kept until the data subject explicitly requests its deletion.


All data disclosed as part of a business agreement will be used exclusively within the Sales Line or possibly shared with any external parties solely for accounting and tax or technical support (especially legal services, IT services) and business control matters.

It should be noted that candidate information will be shared with companies that have engaged Sales Line for the search project, against the appropriate contract, and possibly with duly appointed consultants who support the Owner in their activities.

All IT platforms used by Sales Line reside in EU territory, and the relevant Data Protection Agreements have been duly verified, and the appropriate Standard Contractual Clauses signed where applicable.


As a reminder, under Chapter III of GDPR Regulation 679/2016, the owner of personal data has the right to:

 – Request access to their personal data and ask for its rectification, deletion, or restriction of processing.

– To know the purposes of the processing, the categories of data processed, the recipients to whom the data are communicated, and the storage period.

– Withdraw consent at any time, considering the consequences of such a choice.

– Request the deletion (when possible) of data that were no longer necessary for the purpose for which they were collected,

– Object to the processing of profiling or direct marketing.

– Expose a complaint to the Privacy Authority.

– Request data portability.

– Know the parties to whom personal data may be disclosed and check the extract of existing contracts with these parties.


Any requests should be addressed to your contact person in the company or to the contact details indicated in this policy so that the Data Controller can provide all the necessary clarifications and intervene in all cases where the request is legitimate.