Selection General Manager for Metalworking Industry

Metalworking industry headhunting case study: selection of the general manager

Israeli multinational Vargus, a leader in the cutting tools world, entrusted Sales Line with the headhunting of a General Manager for its new Italian subsidiary.


Avi Cohen, CEO of Vargus Ltd, says, “Italy is an important country for Vargus, and we wanted to consolidate our presence directly with the new subsidiary. Therefore, we needed to hire an Italian General Manager with a strong business background in cutting tools.”


The metalworking industry is an essential component of the modern world, encompassing many applications. Serving as a crucial supplier to other parts of the production chain enables the creation of various consumer goods, metal tools, and custom machinery, among other things.


VARGUS Ltd. is a world-leading developer, manufacturer, and supplier of high-quality precision threading, grooving, turning, and hand-deburring tools for the metalworking and plastics industries. Founded in 1960, VARGUS is the cutting tool division of the NEUMO Ehrenberg Group, a multinational corporation headquartered in Germany. Vargus has a direct presence in 14 countries and operates in 100 countries.

type of selection

Vargus has entrusted us with selecting the General Manager for the new Italian subsidiary.


Hire a General Manager with at least ten years of experience in the Italian cutting tools/metalworking market, a consolidated sales experience in the country, and the ability to manage a branch team composed of different departments: sales, technical support, customer care, administrative, and logistics. Key soft skills for the position: leadership, goal orientation, problem-solving, organizational and planning skills, and flexibility.


Avi Cohen told us at the end of the project that it was important for Vargus to select the headhunter and then confidently select the new Italian General Manager: “We needed to identify a company in Italy where we could talk directly with the Managing Director and Headhunter responsible for the project. Sales Line provided a high level of service customization, speed of execution, deep knowledge of the Italian cutting tools market, and a genuine understanding of Vargus’ needs.”

The CEO of Vargus also appreciated Sales Line’s out-of-the-box approach. It was highly beneficial to our head-hunter to have the first in-person meeting with Vargus’ managers to understand the international context, history, values, and market.

Sales Line identified the most critical points for this selection, and the focus is the business development of Vargus in Italy.

Key Competencies

– A solid technical background is essential for this role to understand customers’ different needs, distributors, and OEMs.

– Management experience in sales in the Cutting Tools industry in Italy is a prerequisite.

– The endowment of soft skills, then the soft skills that Vargus deemed essential for the position.


Essential soft skills

– Leadership

– Goal orientation

– Problem-solving

– Organizational skills



– Targeted selection


Continually aligning with the CEO and the managers was essential to target the most suitable candidate for this selection.


After eight days only, we presented the first shortlist of aligned candidates.

From there, we developed the project in collaboration with Vargus Managers, who appreciated the Sales Line’s advisor role in providing suggestions about the business in Italy and the country’s culture.


Investment with guaranteed ROI

The selection of a General Manager in Italy for Vargus was the first step in business development in the country.


Avi Cohen says: “Sales Line was a strategic advisor for Italy by quickly providing us with a very qualified shortlist of candidates with managerial experience in cutting tools. I also appreciated the quick turnaround, continuous alignment, and valuable advice on the country’s culture to conclude the project successfully.”



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